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Local Heroes - Your streets were their streets Local Heroes - Your streets were their streets

The names of 197 local men who lost their lives in World War I are
inscribed on the bells of the Memorial Community Church in Plaistow. They are our local heroes

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Horace Edward Patterson

Company Sergeant Major
Rifle Brigade

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Poplar - 1892
France and Flanders - 24 August 1918
Killed in action
Served in
Rifle Brigade
1915 Star, British War Medal & Victory Medal, Military Medal
75 Hollybush Street, Plaistow

Horace Edward's story

Ivy Patterson is a longstanding member of Memorial Community Church, interviewed by Hilary Colston in 2011. ‘Horrie’ Patterson was the brother of her husband.  Ivy’s husband was the youngest of 13 children in the family, while Horace was the oldest.

Ivy’s mother in law was a member of the women’s meeting which met on Mondays. She had memories of Dame Clara Butt visiting, as well as Queen Mary. Her father-in-law was a soldier and biscuit maker, who had moved with other in his family from Colchester to  East London. They were married and lived initially in Bromley-by-Bow, and at the time of the 1901 census they were living in Kent Street, West Ham. By 1918 the family lived in Hollybush Street, Plaistow.

Additionally in the Church Messenger, the magazine the Baptist church produced at that time, is a note that H Patterson received a parcel for Christmas 1914.

Horace married Violet Evangeline on 12 January 1918 in West Ham registry office.  He was killed in action in August of that same year in the  ‘Advance to Victory’.

From Barry Langridge’s research on the men of the Rifle Brigade:

Harry Patterson enlisted in September 1914, 13th Battalion, Rifle Brigade. He was killed in Action on 24 August and awarded the Military Medal on 24 January 1919. The award would have been for gallantry in August 1918.

No citations are available for the award of the Military Medal but it is likely that CSM Patterson’s act of gallantry was performed during the attack on the German-held village of Achiet-le-Grand which is some four miles northeast of Bapaume (Somme).  CSM Patterson was killed during this battle.

Many thanks to two other members of  Horace Patterson’s family who have provided lots of information from their family history research to fill in this story. Some details have been included above, and there is more in the comments section below.


Service Number
John Walter
Violet Evangeline May nee Hensby
Vis en Artois, France
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  1. November 25, 2012
    12:26 am

    This is Horace Edward Patterson, who was born in 1892 in Poplar, the eldest (we think) son of John Walter Patterson and his wife Sarah (nee Stevenson). My grandfather Arthur Patterson (b. 1895) was one of Horace’s brothers.
    I’m not sure how much information you are looking for! – but here goes….
    John was a biscuit baker/pastry cook, born in Colchester, the son of a soldier and cook (“Sergeant Cook”) in the Staffordshire regiment, born in N.Ireland. John, along with several others in his extended family, came from Colchester to East London as a young man in the 1880’s. He married Sarah Stevenson at Poplar Parish Church on 25 Dec 1890. Sarah was born in Westminster, but her parents both originated in Oxfordshire, near Abingdon, and came to London in the 1860’s. Interestingly (from a family history point-of-view!) Sarah’s sister Emma married John’s cousin George Bland.
    At the time of the 1891 census John and Sarah were living at 21 Follett St, Bromley. I don’t know where they lived when Horace was born, but in 1895 (when Arthur was born) they lived in Spey St, Bromley.
    At the time of the 1901 census, they lived at 9 Kent St, West Ham with five children, and in 1911 they were at 75 Hollybush Street, Plaistow, with 9 children. The 1911 census says 13 children had been born but only 9 were living then, and I only know of the 9 plus one who died. Basil (who I think was the husband of Ivy) was the youngest, born in 1911.
    They were:
    Horace b. 1892 Bromley d. 1918
    Arthur b. 1895 Bromley m. Lettie Munson d. 1959
    Ada b. 1897 Bromley m. Alfred Goatley
    Herbert b. 1898 West Ham m. Emily Howard
    Albert b. 1900 West Ham m.?
    Maud b. 1901 Plaistow m. George Chapman
    Emily b. 1903 West Ham d. 1905
    Emma b. 1904 Plaistow m. Harold Sharp
    Ivy b. 1909 Plaistow m. Frederick Sharp (?? not sure with this one)
    Basil b. 1911 West Ham m. Ivy Wyatt (?)

    We’ve never been able to find out when John Patterson died, but Sarah lived until 1949, in Cannhall Road, Leytonstone. My mum used to visit her there, and she remembers there being a big photograph of Horace hanging on the wall. Possibly the photo you have here!
    Horace has no known grave. He is remembered at the Vis-en-Artois Memorial near Arras , which bears the names of over 9,000 men who died between 8 August 1918 and the Armistice in the ‘Advance to Victory’ in Picardy and Artois, somewhere between the Somme and Loos.

  2. John Jarrad
    February 6, 2016
    5:48 pm

    Harry Edward Patterson married Violet Evangeline May Hensby on 12th January 1918. Vi was the first child of my grandmother, Emma Louisa Hensby (maiden name Payne b 1878), in her first marriage to Henry Hensby who died in 1897.
    Harry’s (Horace’s) address is given as 75 Hollybush Street, Plaistow and Vi’s 13 Star Street, Canning Town. They were married at the West Ham Registry Office. After Harry’s death Vi remarried quite quickly to a John Elliott on 17th April 1919 also at the West Ham Registry Office. John died in 1922 and she remarried, again quite quickly, at the Poplar Registry Office to a Samuel Elliott whom I believe was John’s brother. I have often wondered if Harry, John and Samuel were all known to each other. My grandmother remarried in 1897 to William Jarrad also at the Poplar Registry Office. Both their addresses at the time of the marriage was The Marshall Keate, Preston Road, Poplar.

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